pizza project

I set out long ago on a journey to make a decent pizza. So far, it has been painful, getting the right temperature, flour, etc., is not an easy task. I recently bought a Weber One Touch BBQ and a kettlepizza extension and now, I got a better tool to improve. The modified BBQ can get to 800˚F (wood-fired), which is what you have to look for to bake nice pies. 

Making and shaping  the proper dough is a whole different beast, and that is what has all my attention now. These are some shots of my first tests, not quite what I was hoping for, but it sure was a whole lot better than my home oven pizza. The crust was crisp on the outside and puffy/chewy on the inside, but I had to use all purpose flour (all I can find here) which will not give you the Napolitan-style pizza Im looking for.

Ill keep posting the results on my quest for a decent pie.