pizza project v2.0

So, some more testing has been done. I finally got the Caputo 00 flour, the one they use to make Neapolitan style pizza. It is lovely, and way easier to handle when compared to the local flour I find here in Bogota. It must have a higher protein %; the elasticity improved and shaping/opening the ball for baking is better. The Weber needed some tweaking too. I had to improve the temperature (more coal and wood) and now, the pies are starting to look nice (notice the "leoparding" on the white pie).

Next steps: improve shaping (although as long as it tastes good, I dont really care about a round shape) and pizza rotation, this becomes a problem with such high temps (850-900ºF), if you dont rotate it soon enough, the borders get burned. Taste improved a lot too, faster baking = more tender crust, and it really is all about the crust. In the pictures you can see a modified/fake Stracciatella and the classic napolitana. Till next time, and merry christmas to all.